Wings of Hope
They Must Fly

IBBA Video Project, 16 September 2001

Dedicated to the Victims of Terrorism
Photos of the event
Report by Melanie McCarthy
Report by Liz Swanson
Report by Velma Begley
Report by Don Adams
"Wings of Hope -- They Must Fly"
Donors List
Message of Hope
Letter of thanks from Brownie Troop 6424
Report in The Reminder Oct 1, 2001

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Dedicated to the Victims of Terrorism

IBBA members, like all Americans, were shocked and saddened by Tuesday's terrorist attack on our nation. In response to this tragedy, the IBBA dedicated this past Sunday's butterfly release to the victims, their surviving families and friends, and to those who are involved in the rescue and response. The release was preceded by a tribute to the victims:

"Butterflies are a symbol of hope and we pray that hope flies to all those who have been touched by the tragedies of recent days. Let hope fly in memory of those who have died. Let hope fly to those who are injured and hurting. Let hope fly to those who have lost loved ones and friends. Let hope fly to those who give of themselves to rescue and preserve life. Let hope fly to the leaders of our nation. Let hope fly to all Americans. Let hope fly and peace take wing."


On September 16, 2001, 911 monarch butterflies, most tagged with Monarch Watch tags, were released to mark the official beginning of the International Butterfly Breeders Association's two-phase tagging program. The first phase of this tagging effort is participation in the 2001 University of Kansas' Monarch Watch Fall Tagging Program.

Phase two of the IBBA's tagging effort will begin in the spring of 2002 . Established as a Pilot Program, this tagging project and study is sponsored and designed independently by the IBBA. The data collected from the returned tags will help scientists monitor the movement and longevity of captive-bred monarchs during non-migratory months. The IBBA's program is in partnership with the scientific community and the USDA.


Jon Timko
2001 IBBA President
19 September 2001

They Must Fly!
The release was a great success!

Here are some photos 'hot off the press'.

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Greeting the guests Liz Holding Margarita's Display basket
Liz Swanson's daughter Gussie shows off a Hickory Horned Devil caterpillar provided by Don Adams (see below for a close up of this caterpillar) Over to you...
Excitement! Brownies amongst the flowers
Ready to release... Away they go! (see below for a large version of this photo)
Tagged Monarch butterfly The IBBA 'Team'. front to back and left to right: Liz Swanson, Melanie McCarthy, Velma Begley; Don Adams, Terry Terbush.

Click HERE for a large picture of the release (1600x1200 pixels, 143 Kb)

Hickory Horned Devil
Don Adams' "Hickory Horned Devil" larva

Report by Melanie McCarthy

First of all, A BIG THANK YOU to all who made this wonderful event possible. Special thanks for some GIGANTIC assistance today from:

Don and Cheryl Adams for their help in taking some wonderful pictures which are soon to come your way;

Velma Begley for her unending support and for especially doing a wonderful job in presenting the IBBA Statement, prior to the actual release, to dedicate today's event to the memory of the victims of our Nation's recent tragedy;

Liz and Gussie Swanson for overall help, they were the first to arrive and worked tirelessly from 8 a.m. until well after clean-up;

Etta Brown from the Nature Nook (Nectar and Host Plants for Butterflies) for providing, on loan and free of charge, 30 gorgeous blooming plants and performing all of the floral set up for the event.

With that said, I thank ALL OF YOU for your contributions of butterflies, time, money, tags, envelopes, baskets, and goodwill to make this event happen.

We released 911 butterflies, most of which were tagged. The weather could not have been more fabulous. We had local television coverage and coverage from People, Places and Plants - a Gardening Magazine. The TV Coverage was by WGGB, Channel 40 in Springfield, Massachusetts. The commentary on the local news clearly gave credit to the International Butterfly Breeders Association, Inc. and the reporter ended the entire news segment by saying this story was a wonderful closing news story: the exact words were "that seems to be an appropriate place to close our newscast." What footage! Almost a thousand butterflies - can you imagine?!! Copies will be made for those who would like to see it. I will have copies made over the next several weeks. I REALLY wish you could have all been here. And the comments from the crowd, words cannot express how wonderful it was. Some people said it was the most incredible thing they ever saw!

The Brownies were as cute as buttons. Much footage was shot within the exhibit, then monarchs which were released in the exhibit were gathered up, repackaged and released during the Grand Finale, in front of a weeping willow gracefully hanging over the pond. The Brownies were embraced by blooms and blooms of flowers.

Since the release was publicized in the local newspapers, we had many visitors from the public. We requested donations from the public; all will be turned over to the American Red Cross. Liz Swanson has agreed to take care of sending this contribution in. Thanks Liz!

Video work by Lee and Ana Larcheveque promises to be top quality. They arrived two hours prior to the release so that all angles would be covered. I believe 4 cameras were used. I thank them for their patience with all my questions, phone calls and impatient anticipation.

A more comprehensive report will be made available to the Board of Directors and posted to the IBBA Website.

And I am sure Don Adams, Velma Begley and Liz Swanson will contribute their comments after taking a well deserved rest. Most likely they are still traveling home at this moment.

Don, Velma and Liz, please share your observations!!!!

Thank you all again, it was a privilege to do this work for the IBBA.


Report by Liz Swanson

IBBA Release - Wow!

First thing I'd like to say is a BIG THANKS to everyone who donated butterflies, tags, envelopes, cages, boxes and to the transport crew for the "Butterfly Brigade" who drove butterflies to pickup points. It would not have been possible without the help of EVERYONE.

Melanie emailed me about ten days ago worried if we'd have enough butterflies. Then after last Tuesday's tragedy we worried if they would arrive on time. At the time all I could think of was the Native American Legend.....make a wish......

Well it happened!!! People pulled together and made it happen.

And boy, did we have butterflies. When my daughter and I arrived we began packaging butterflies in envelopes and cages and finished the tagging. It was the most wonderful sensation walking into a flight cage with hundreds of butterflies. I have been in many flight cages and conservatories but this was truly awesome. Every single butterfly was packaged up and ready to go.

The day was grogeous, there was newspaper and magazine coverage.....the Brownie Girl Scouts did a great job helping with the release and reading the Native American Legend....Don Adams with his Hickory Horned Devil caterpillar kept everyone amused (my daughter had a ball holding it for the Brownies).......

Terry did a wonderful presentation for the Brownies and explained our tagging program. Velma's reading of Jon Timko's poem "Let Hope Fly" brought tears to my eyes. Lee should have some great footage of the event and also the wedding from Saturday.

AND all the lovely creatures, we raised with care and love, took off for the skies on cue.

This is going to be an awesome video!!!

One last note.....Twenty eight years ago, on September 16th (also a Sunday), I was standing with my parents and brothers in our front yard when we were swarmed with a monarch migration. It was my nineteenth birthday! What are the chances of seeing two mass flights of monarchs on your birthday? Just hope I don't have to wait another 28 years.... though seeing one on my 75th birthday would be pretty cool. My mom, rest her soul, cut out articles about monarchs for years and saved them for me. Must be fate that I end up raising monarchs.

Being part of the IBBA Release was a very special birthday.

Proud to be a member of the IBBA!

Liz Swanson

Report by Velma Begley

HI Everyone,

I really wish you could all have been there to see this release. The culmination seemed to go on and on. You always hear it said, "The butterflies don't show up in the pictures-they go so fast, " These butterflies will and did show up. It was a veritable skyful and many lingered on the goldenrod around the pond and traveled back to the Brownies to light on their hair and hands. The day was picture perfect! Melanie and Terry must have done a mountain of work to get ready for this.

When I arrived there today, after getting lost somewhere on their rustic mountain for a while, they were gathering up the nectaring butterflies from several screen houses. Envelopes, baskets and cages of all sorts and sizes were filled with the tagged butterflies. Then all were covered and placed in the shade to await the launching.

Don and Cheryl Adams graciously entertained the Brownies beforehand with the "Hickory Horned Devil" they brought along. That is one caterpillar the girls will not soon forget. You all just have to get one!

Melanie had snacks and drinks on hand for the visitors. A thoughtful, and very useful gesture. Terry gave an enthusiastic monarch ecosystem presentation and then the cameras rolled as the butterflies were set free by these precious, eager Brownies.

Terry explained our IBBA tagging participation and future plans and after I read the beautiful words prepared by Jon Timko, there was a mixture of excitement and great emotion as the butterflies took flight in the longest lasting release I have ever witnessed. I can just imagine the magnificent footage Lee must have to work with. I think there were four or five cameras set up to capture these moments from every angle. I was so thankful to be a part of it.

After the past few days of sinking deeper and deeper into a post crisis depression, I suddenly feel optimistic again about the future. Thank you IBBA. Thank you Melanie and Terry and thank you Jon for these inspirational words.

"Butterflies are a symbol of hope and we pray that hope flies to all those who have been touched by the tragedies of recent days. Let hope fly in memory of those who have died. Let hope fly to those who are injured and hurting. Let hope fly to those who have lost loved ones and friends. Let hope fly to those who give of themselves to rescue and preserve life. Let hope fly to the leaders of our nation. Let hope fly to all Americans. Let hope fly, and peace take wing."

Comfort and Best wishes to all of you, tonight.


Report by Don Adams

WOW; after Melanies', Velmas', and Lizs' comments, hard to add anything else except, to me, the Brownies' faces said it all. I did not mention this to any of them, but this event was Cheryls' and my 'first ever release' so it was a particular thrill and privilege for both of us to be present. All of those who donated the butterflies and helped with their delivery or other efforts for this wonderfull event can be especially proud that, besides marking the beginning of IBBAs' contributions to the science of Monarch migration, it was a truely inspirational dedication to those who have suffered from the tragedy of last week.

It was also a chance for Cheryl and I to meet for the first time in person more great folks from IBBA. Terry and Melanies' splendid flight house full of butterflies has inspired us to finally build one of our own, and netting Monarchs inside with Terry reminded me that I'm still just a bigger albeit slower moving kid.

Some of my most favorite moments though came from watching the Brownies' expressions of wonder and amazement at the site of so many beautiful butterflies both inside the flight house and during the release outside, and being able to remember that I was once the same.

A still recovering

Don Adams

Wings of Hope -- They Must Fly

They must fly, our butterflies...
above the tragedy up into the light
They must fly
on wings of hope out of our hearts and souls
Winged gold and multi colors
fluttering to the sky
For darkness cannot cover the light
nor evil hold back good, so
They must fly
our messengers of hope and love
They must fly,
for us and all souls everywhere
who reach for light and life
and yearn for sweet peace on high.

Donors List

Donors Contribution
Jon Timko Butterflies and Release Envelopes
Velma Begley Butterflies and Time
Liz & Gussie Swanson Butterflies and Time
Cindy Hepp Butterflies
Julie Wood Accordion Release Box
Margarita Ashman Butterflies and Butterfly
Display Basket for Release
Terry Fluke Release Envelopes and Butterflies
Rhonda Stephens Butterflies
Debbie Knipp, Sue Mehser Butterflies
Kari Schiel Butterflies
Dan Greathouse Butterflies
Jay & Edie McRoberts Butterflies
Dee Dailey Butterflies
Dennis Scholl Butterflies
Linda Rogers, Nigel Venters,
Grace Sipowicz & Paul Chesterfield
Kathleen Ziemer Butterflies
Anne & Ralph Clune Butterflies
Barbara Bosco Butterflies
Randi Jones Butterflies
Peggy Hatcher Butterflies
Shari Gray Butterflies
Duke & Martha Wheeler Butterflies
Rick Mikula Butterflies
Randy Minnehan Butterflies
Nora Donstan Butterflies
Leslie Lange Tags
Nancy Hobart Butterflies
Doddie Drake Tags and Butterflies
Big Ed and Kathy Reinertsen Tags
Tammy Hendricks Butterflies
Tom & Pat Clay Butterflies
Melanie McCarthy & Terry Terbush Butterflies & MORE!!
Jose Muniz Butterflies
Don & Cheryl Adams Photographic Services
Cindy Hepp Donation to Cover Refreshments for Helpers and Brownies

"Butterflies are a symbol of hope and we pray that hope flies to all those who have been touched by the tragedies of recent days. Let hope fly in memory of those who have died. Let hope fly to those who are injured and hurting. Let hope fly to those who have lost loved ones and friends. Let hope fly to those who give of themselves to rescue and preserve life. Let hope fly to the leaders of our nation. Let hope fly to all Americans. Let hope fly and peace take wing."

Jon Timko.

Envelopes designed by
Cindy and Jon Timko of Flutterbies

Letter of thanks from Brownie Troop 6424

Letter of thanks from Troop 6424

Click to view a larger picture >

September 19, 2001

The Monarchy
Melanie McCarthy
Terry Terbush

Dear Ms McCarthy and Mr Terbush,

Thank you very much for allowing Troop 6424 to be involved with the butterfly release and dedication on September 16, 2001. We know that the event will be a lifelong memory for each girl. The girls were talking about it all the way home and at school the next day. Everyone was so excited to be included in the documentary and also to be on the T.V. news!

The troop enjoyed the entire program: the presentation of the life of the caterpillar and butterfly, the small and large releases and the snacks! The dedication also helped the girls to recognise the national tradegy and be part of something that was positive. We would like to thank everyone involved for making this day very special. May God Bless America!


Brownie Girl Scout Troop 6424
Carol O'Connor, Patricia Ellis and Jennifer Bilodeau

Report in The Reminder
October 1, 2001

The Reminder
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