The Vanessa Project

The Vanessa Project
Butterfly Habitat & Life Cycle
For immediate release

An exciting new curriculum is now available to teach the butterfly life cycle at the elementary grade levels. Complete lesson plans for one semester along with professional training for the teacher is released.

Vanessa, the butterfly mascot, guides the children through all aspects of butterfly life while the teacher has professional butterfly breeders providing depth and support. The proven combination brings a children's butterfly nature class to a new level where the concept of habitat can be experienced.

The teacher is provided with six lesson plans; each subject has classroom activities and examination as well as hands on gardening. The gardening lessons come from experienced master gardeners and the butterfly life cycle lessons were developed by professional butterfly breeders using techniques that range from hydroponics to captive breeding. All of the lessons are interactive and give the student the feeling that life can be an urgent matter.

The student experiences habitat loss and predation along with the importance of a healthy environment.

Students learn the scientific method and participate in light field research, choosing nectar and host plants for the habitat. Basic elements of food and shelter are extended to the biological needs of reproduction and students witness metamorphosis. The curriculum is rich in games that teach environmental responsibility.

A short overview of the curriculum can be downloaded HERE (MS Word doc).

The full curriculum can be ordered from the International Butterfly Breeders Association or from The Texas A&M System (downloadable order form in MS Word format).

International Butterfly Breeders Association, Inc.

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