Converting Power Easements into
Butterfly Habitats

The International Butterfly Breeders Association has been working closely with Potomac Electric Power Company to convert 5.21acres of densely-wooded power right-of-way to butterfly habitat.

Steve Genua and Jay McRoberts tell the story.

Steve Genua Steve Genua
Staff Forester
Transmission-Line Right-of-Way Integrated Vegetation Management Programs
Potomac Electric Power Company

Jay McRoberts Jay McRoberts, MD
Butterflies on the Potomac

Project Update (IBBA Mailing List 12 Oct 2000)

Promotional photographs were taken yesterday by the PEPCO photographer of the individuals involved in the BEP and a beautiful sign identifying this project. [ Added to Jay's article HERE ]

I took this opportunity to present to Steve Genua the framed certificate of his Honorary Membership in the IBBA.

The man who holds the purses strings for PEPCO was present and he's anxious to get more of their right-of-ways dedicated to butterfly enhancement. Wayne Wehling, Ph.D. attended this photographic session and has participated in almost every butterfly count. Pat Durkin, one of the founders of the Washington Area Butterfly Club, as well as Barbara Farron, coordinator of the butterfly counts were present.

We have documented 50 species of butterflies that have visited this new habitat this year.

Steve Genua will give a presentation at KC on the BEP. Everyone attending the meeting will go home with enough information that they can approach their local utility company to establish butterfly habitat on their right-of-ways. This is a win, win, win situation. Habitat is established for butterflies, the utility companies get excellent PR and the IBBA members participate in enhancing their wild butterfly population.


International Butterfly Breeders Association, Inc.

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