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March 2003


Last year, butterflies were released at a healing ceremony, at a rape crisis center in Florida. The butterflies imparted such spiritual healing and grace to the moment and so touched the participants that it was decided to repeat the releases at various other ceremonies at Florida crisis centers in 2003.

A member of IBBA ( had supplied the butterflies in 2002, and was hired to manage the butterfly releases planned for 2003. Of course, the butterflies were those approved by USDA for release to the environment and all regulations were properly met. The IBBA butterfly farmer was going to work with many classes of local school children to raise the butterflies.

Teachers, school children, butterfly farms and crisis center patients were looking forward to the joyful experience of raising and releasing butterflies. That was, until the releases were cancelled.

According to one of the rape crisis center directors, she was contacted by Jeffrey Glassberg, New Jersey lawyer and President of the North American Butterfly Association (NABA) and she stated that Glassberg threatened to send Florida chapter NABA members to protest and picket the releases. The centers did not want this to happen at their healing ceremonies, so the planned releases were cancelled.

Upon hearing about this, the IBBA Board of Directors wrote the (below) letter to ask Jeffrey Glassburg to confirm or deny these claims. The letter was mailed by certified, registered mail and also sent by e-mail, but no response was ever received. The registered letter was returned unopened, after two failed attempts to deliver it to Glassberg (the return address on the envelope was IBBA's). Glassberg was asked to make an apology and a donation to these centers.

The IBBA feels that NABA members should be aware of their president's threats to protest at healing centers; the untrue statements he made about butterfly releases; the cancellation of educational and healing experiences; and to know that they were being used as leverage to stop the releases.

International Butterfly Breeders Association
Board of Directors & Members


Dr. Jeffrey Glassberg
North American Butterfly Association
4 Delaware Road
Morristown, NJ 07960
February 6, 2003

Dear Dr. Glassberg:

The IBBA was recently informed by a director of a rape crisis center in Florida that you contacted her concerning an upcoming butterfly release ceremony. She reported that you gave her your negative opinions about butterfly releases and told her "ALL of the scientists are opposed to releases; the butterflies arrive dead; and, the butterflies are diseased and harm the other butterflies."

It was also reported to us that you stated that if they went ahead with the butterfly releases planned at several crisis centers, you would send members of the North American Butterfly Association to picket their healing ceremonies. She quoted you as saying, "THIS IS NOT THE KIND OF PUBLICITY YOU WANT."

The IBBA Board of Directors would like you to verify these statements. We further request that if it is true that you did threaten to have NABA members show up and picket the victim's healing ceremonies that you immediately withdraw this threat and apologize to her for your brazen behavior against the rape victims who would have benefited from the scheduled butterfly releases. An additional goodwill gesture would be to make a personal donation to the organization. Please send your reply to this request for information c/o Linda Rogers, 909 SE County Road 2240, Corsicana, TX 75109.

IBBA Board of Directors
Velma Begley, Nigel Venters, Dan Greathouse, Doddie Drake, Linda Rogers, Jonathan Timko, Kathleen Ziemer, Peggy Hatcher and Edith Smith

Cc: IBBA members
NABA members

International Butterfly Breeders Association, Inc.

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