International Butterfly Breeders Association
Develops the Industry

Mission Statement

The International Butterfly Breeders Association's mission is to support the growth and development of the commercial butterfly farming industry through a variety of means including research, grower education, market development, habitat conservation, and voluntary adherence to a code of ethics proscribing compassion, conservancy and integrity. As a 501 (c) (6) organization, the Corporation may work for the enactment of laws to advance the common business interests of the organization's Members.

Goals and Accomplishments

The IBBA develops the butterfly farming industry in the following areas:


  • Pilot Tagging Program
  • Scientific Report compiled and distributed

Grower Education

  • Define and maintain industry standards for products and services
  • Seminars and information sharing
  • Industry updates

Market Development

  • Legislative, regulatory and policies
  • Public relations
  • Increased sales to strengthen industry

Habitat Conservation

  • Member involvement and support for reintroduction of endangered species
  • Promotes cooperative projects between government, utility and private parties for establishing butterfly habitats

Code of Ethics

  • Encourage our members and non-members to adhere to ethics to produce healthy livestock and provide high quality products and services.

Legislative, regulatory and policy making are closely monitored by IBBA Board of Directors through its political action committee members. Freedom of Information Act requests as well as direct communication with individuals on federal and state levels have resulted in favorable outcomes for the industry. The IBBA continues to monitor and respond to individual species and state-level butterfly release policies issued by USDA.

Public relations options were explored by the Board of Directors by consulting with a public relations firm and a plan of action resulted. A promotional videotape was produced that serves to both increase the general public's awareness of the release industry and to favorably influence state and federal agency policy makers. The IBBA's Scientific Report document was compiled and distributed to state and federal agencies with authority over butterfly releases and the Board of Directors has worked to build relationships with this personnel.

Increased sales were achieved by linking the IBBA's website with wedding planner and promoter websites. The Butterfly Family and IBBA e-mail lists are used daily by members and non-members to promote wholesale and retail sales.

The IBBA's Code of Ethics was created to set industry standards and maintain high quality, professional products and services to ensure success of industry.

Research and grower education is provided with the IBBA's Pilot Tagging Program; Family Butterfly Mailing List with "Butterfly Family Tips"; IBBA Mailing List with Ask a Mentor archives; special tips and information section on the website; website sections for educational presentations and butterfly gardening; the Scientific Report; annual professional butterfly farmer conventions; and professional training seminars.

Habitat conservation is promoted through the IBBA's support of the Pepco project, butterfly gardening and education committees, and projects for restoration of endangered butterfly species.

2001 Budget

2001 Budget pie chart 2001 Budget pie chart key

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International Butterfly Breeders Association, Inc.

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