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The IBBA Board of Directors

The IBBA proudly recognizes its members for voluntary adherence to our code of ethics. The actions of each individual reflect on our association, and on our industry.

The Board is dedicated to preserving the integrity of the Association by enforcing the Code of Ethics. As stated in Section 3.8 of the IBBA Bylaws, the IBBA Board of Directors may exercise their rights to cancel a membership at any time. For legal and other reasons, the board is often limited as to the information we are able to share about these actions.

Business disputes should be settled privately and cannot be posted on the IBBA or Butterfly Family mailing lists. Using the Better Business Bureau is one option for problem solving and free mediation services (

The IBBA Board of Directors

Confidentiality of Disciplinary Actions

Click below to read correspondence from IBBA Attorney Stephen G. Roche on the matters of our Bylaws, confidentiality, closed session and privacy issues.  This document summarizes the basis for the formation of the Monitoring Panel as created and presented to the Members by President Rick Mikula.

Memorandum from IBBA Atty. Stephen Roche to IBBA President & Board.

International Butterfly Breeders Association, Inc.

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