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Special Events

"Make-A-Wish" Wedding
November, 2013

IBBA was recently involved in a Make-A-Wish wedding. The bride has been battling leukemia and was chosen by Make-A-Wish for a dream wedding. Check out this link to David Tutera's blog for the story and some pictures.


Special thanks to the following for making the butterfly release possible:

John Utterback of Utterback Farms for donating 4 dozen butterflies.

Todd Stout of Raising Butterflies for donating the overnight shipping costs.

Kathie Balaam of Chase 'N Butterflies as the butterfly handler on site.

Thank you for making this a special event for the bride, groom, family, and friends!

Kathy Marshburn

David Tutera Unveiled - Internet Bride
October 5th, 2013

David Tutera Unveiled - Internet Bride

On October 5th, 2013, IBBA sponsored a butterfly release for an episode of the US television series David Tutera Unveiled. The show, "David Tutera Unveiled - Internet Bride", featured a butterfly-themed wedding with a butterfly release. The butterflies were supplied by IBBA Member Linda Rogers of Butterfly Boutique. Another IBBA Member, Kathie Balaam, who lives close to the event, agreed to supervise the butterfly release for the production.

The show was broadcast on on WETV. Subscribers to selected US cable TV providers can view the program here: http://www.wetv.com/full-episodes/david-tutera-unveiled/2732474414001/internet-bride-lisette

A brief preview is available on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OskL4QxdHA

The episode can also be purchased from the iTunes Store (NB: U.S. only?):


Bride & Bridesmaid (© Melanie McCarthy)

Hello there -

This is from your client that had the butterfly release at my mother's grave in Myrtle Beach on July 31st. It was lovely and the butterflies were of exquisite color. My aunt brought a butterfly bush which we planted beside the grave prior to our ceremony. Upon the opening of our envelopes, the butterflies emerged and all gravitated to the butterfly bush with the exception of a few which lingered on my 3 year old niece's dress, etc. That was exciting for all of us and we took many pictures. All family members were deeply touched by the butterflies and the poems were lovely.

I have told many friends about the ceremony and all have responded that it is a wonderful idea. I am writing with another inquiry. My 9 year old daughter attends a Montessori school (first public Montessori school in NC) and I cannot tell you what a loving, caring school this is with the most wonderful teachers and parents. Sadly, the art teacher passed away last week due to a tragic rollerblading accident. She was only 47 and left two children bereft as she was a single mother. I attended her funeral Sat and was telling my dear friends about the butterfly ceremony for my mother. They are now interested in doing a ceremony in honor of our teacher as the children are preparing to return to school next Wed. The Montessori principle is a very spiritual one and nature is an important element. The children (each class) has a garden and the children tend to their gardens. The teacher, which passed away was an avid gardener and she visited the childrens' gardens each morning. Now, the school is interested in remembering her with ceremonies with each class making a release with poems, etc. Also, a butterfly bush will be planted in her memory.

I was touched by your caring attitude and your thoughtful remarks when I placed my order with you. I would look forward to ordering from your company each year for my mother's loving memorials. Thank you. DEBBIE

Display cage by Melanie McCarthy of The MonarchyJust wanted to say thank you. Neil and I picked up our butterflies and the display cage on Tuesday, and got married yesterday.

I did a flower arrangement for the bottom of the display case and the butterflies loved it. I used flowers from my new mother-in-laws garden.

I cant express how wonderful the addition of the butterflies was to our wedding. They were lovely to look at fluttering around in the cage, and it was just a spiritual, and awe-inspiring sight to release them all into the world again. A few of them fluttered about nearby and then circled above us. We even had a few light on our hands before they flew. It truly touched everyone, even the least impressible people in attendance were moved.

The butterflies, not only provided a natural element that we really wanted there, but also provided a theme for our wedding, and they made it really special. We bought little realistic looking hand-painted butterflies made of feathers and put them into the butterfly envelopes for keepsakes for our guests.

We thank you so much, and wish you the best of success and happiness in your life and business.

- wendy k wetherbee-


Just a note to let you know our butterfly release at our daughter's garden wedding was a great success. Thanks to your detailed instructions, we knew exactly what to do. The matron of honor read the beautiful legend and on cue our little winged beauties were released. To the delight of all, many of the butterflies stayed in the area for quite some time.... some lingered in our garden for days. Your little guys added a delightful and elegant touch to an already perfect day. Thank you for raising these little butterflies and giving us all a chance to enjoy them.

Carol S.


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girl with flowers and butterfly (© Melanie McCarthy) boy and girl with butterfly (© Melanie McCarthy) girl with Monarch butterfly (© Melanie McCarthy) bride and bouquet (© Melanie McCarthy)

Pictures taken at Texas A&M College of Education Statue Dedication
butterfly release on November 21st, 1999

children with butterfly
Lady with a butterfly in her hair - "The smile"
children with butterflies

October 1999, City of Grapevine, Texas, "Flutter-By Festival"

Children's butterfly drawings & butterfly cage Butterfly Exhibit Cage Tag & Release of 100 butterflies

PIcture supplied by Mary H. See her endorsement below

Client releases - lady with Painted Lady

Client Reports

The following unsolicited testimonials were received by butterfly breeders from people who had attended butterfly releases - in some cases for the first time.

"They ALL went with whispers on their wings with my very special wish to the Great Spirit! It was a very emotional day! Thank you again," -- Deena

"We can't express how beautiful our wedding was, all because of your butterflies. It was breathtaking. Our guests are still talking about it. Thank you for giving us such a memorable moment." -- Mr. and Mrs. Brandon W.

"The release was a great success. It made the dedication of the memorial even more memorable and spiritual. A day to remember. Many will now remember Peter every time they see a butterfly." -- Mary H., Northfield, Illinois (Photograph available

"Thank you for making our September wedding so extraordinarily special... We could only hope that those who purchase your butterflies get as much enjoyment and memories as we did!" -- Susan and Scott M.

"The butterflies were so beautiful! One even flew around then landed on my bouquet, it was so perfect... No one is ever going to forget our wedding due to the butterflies! Thank you for lending a special memory to our special day." -- Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Scott M.

"I want to tell you how beautiful the butterflies were at our wedding event. Everyone was in awe as we set them free. One landed and stayed on my daughter's wedding bouquet for pictures .. I am grateful for making our wedding unique and a sight to behold!" -- Theresa S.

"It was definitely a magic moment and one we will always remember." -- Shannon & Robert M.

"Just a note to tell how great the Butterflies were. They flew so beautifully over Ed's grave that people in cars stopped to watch, I know Ed was watching." -- Marge P.

"Our wedding was completed by the release of the beautiful Monarchs. Butterflies went everywhere! It was obvious that our guests (the very old to the very young) were stunned and amazed. There were squeals, oohs and ahs. It was fantastic! Everything went perfect. Delivery, instructions and the release. Thank you very much for being in this business. It made our wedding day that much more special." -- Carol and Robin B.

"Pam told me she had her dream wedding. A beautiful day. The Butterflies did exactly what they were supposed to do. What a hit!!" -- Cookie H.

"Thank you so much for making my son's 1st Anniversary so very special. The Butterflies were magnificent. I received compliments from beautiful to awesome, even the Mariachis I hired called me home later that evening to say that is was the most beautiful graveside service they had ever seen. It was something they would never forget, So once again, thank you for making it special for all of us." -- Beatrice M.

"The butterflies worked out beautifully........ they were quite a hit! Everybody seems to remember the butterfly release as the highlight of our reception. -- Rebecca W. - Hampden, MA

"The butterflies were the talk of my wedding. Some landed on my bouquet and one landed on my dress! Just beautiful! Thanks so much." -- Donna and Tom Z., Elkgrove, IL

"Thank you for making our day so special! The butterfly release was so beautiful and every single one flew away." -- Erika and Shawn H., Vermont

"I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for these wonderful Monarch Butterflies. They truly made our special day a spectacular one as well. We were so pleased as were our guests. The little children had the most fun, as the butterflies were released, the little ones jumped up and down and tried to catch them as we all did when we were young." -- Brian and Lauren S., Ft. Pleasant, New Jersey

"We had 3 dozen Painted Lady butterflies for my daughter's wedding. We kept them in a cage by the guest book. They were a huge hit. They were part of the decorations before the wedding. People were surprised and watching them everyone smiled more. People were amazed. The release was lovely and worth each penny." -- Joan N., Des Moines

"My husband was a Master Gardener and we had a grave side service for him. We used a combination of Monarchs and Painted Lady butterflies. It was beautiful. They came out of their cage and flew across the flowers. There wasn't a dry eye in sight. I just know my husband loved it." -- Betty S., Cedar Rapids, IA

"I had 3 dozen Painted Lady butterflies at my wedding. The cage was beautiful and they were fun for everyone to watch. We read the legend and released the butterflies and everyone oo'd and ahh'd at how they flew around and landed on flowers. It was truly awesome." -- Kristen B., Des Moines, IA

"I just couldn't believe it. I had never seen butterflies released before and didn't know it was possible. Honestly, when the mother of the bride told me what they were going to do, I fully expected the butterflies to drop over dead when the envelopes were opened. But they didn't. Everyone of them flew up and around - it was beautiful. The whole crowd just let out a collective Ooh. It was amazing!" -- Margaret S., Illinois

The butterflies were quite a hit at the wedding. The photographer had a great time taking pictures of the butterflies on the bride and groom before they flew away. Thanks for sending extras for photos. The butterfly release was such a beautiful finishing touch to the wedding. Every butterfly flew after just a few seconds, and all the guests commented on how wonderful it was. Most people attending had never seen a butterfly release before, and were so surprised by it. You could just hear the oohs and ahhs as the butterflies began to fly around! Thank you so much for helping to make this day so special for us!" -- Kathy K., Illinois

Special Events
Little League World Series US Championship game
Butterfly Release and Memorial to 9/11 tragedy by a local school

Butterfly Release and Memorial to 9/11 tragedy by a local school

Debbie Knipp and Sue Mehser have supplied the following report of a release in honor of the WTC tragedy.

Butterfly Release and Memorial to 9/11 tragedy by a local school

"Last Friday was an awesome day. We gathered around the flagpole and said the pledge. We sang "God Bless America" followed by a moment of silence to honor the New York and Wichita Fire dept. and WPD. 6 students read essays to dedicate the release. We proceeded to the tree and hung the butterfly cage. We tied our colorful paper "Butterfly Wishes" for the police and firemen on the tree. We then released the painted ladies as a symbol for new life...a new beginning. We had representatives from the fire department. It was quite touching and it was so heart felt."

(quoted from the students teacher)

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Edie and kids

Little League World Series US Championship game

August 25, 2001

This photo shows the butterfly release at the Little League World Series US Championship game on August 25, 2001.

We released nearly 450 Eastern Monarchs. They were in 4 "cake box" release boxes and were released just after the national anthem at the beginning of the game. The IBBA was specifically credited for donating and arranging the release. All butterflies were tagged with Monarch Watch tags.

It was a beautiful day and a wonderful event. Rick, our assistants, and I walked away just glowing with accomplishment...

We've now had a mass release at a national sporting event. Not bad...

Steve Connolley
August 26, 2001

Rick Mikula in action
Rick Mikula in action
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