Profile of Connie Hodsdon

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Connie Hodsdon

IBBA Officer: President
IBBA Board of Directors

Company: Flutterby Gardens of Manatee, Inc.
Address: 1512 22nd Street West
         Bradenton, FL 34205 USA
Phone: 941-807-2416
Fax: 941-714-0586

We raise live butterflies year round specializing in huge Monarchs and other species. We offer consultancy and internships are available to learn how we raise monarchs as well as other butterflies. We offer adult butterflies as well as eggs, caterpillars and pupae. We have a large selection of unique Butterfly Baskets and Release Containers and Butterfly gifts. We create custom envelopes for each occasion at no additional charge. We also design and consult on the creation of butterfly gardens. We also offer seminars on the joy of butterfly gardening and the life cycle of butterflies. Keep up with us at

International Butterfly Breeders Association, Inc.

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